Not-Two Is Peace  Teatro della Pergola

This trailer gives a sampling of the Music and art and dance that make up this unique ballet theater event that took place on the weekend of March 15th through the 17th in Florence Italy. Not to be missed!.

July 29,2013   This weekend an Editor's Preview Screening of the recording of the dance from March 15-17 took place on Friday Evening in associaton with the Bright Room Gallery in a small town in Holland called Maria Hoop. Comments made from the audience will help in the final production of the film and DVD of this event.

These are some of the comments:......"the dancers communicate a level of feeling that is unique to working with the Art of Adi Da. There is a different focus than traditional dances and ballet."......"It made me want to start seeing more experimental dance."......"this dance mysteriously communicated a deeper sense and meaning of peace, truly fantastic"....... There were also some specific suggestions and everything will be considered and taken into acount as we move forward to the next dances in the fall.